Our Events in 2018:

MGs Tour Dolomites - Lake Garda (Open and International event)

                from 29th April to 06th May 2018 

The  DEADLINE for this event is the 31.01.2018 !  Do not miss it!

The event will be in two parts:

part A = in the Dolomites

part B = on Lake Garda


Some short infos:

     *) This is an informal event with guided tours – not a speed trial or rally event.

     *) The first and only international MG Event in the Dolomites!

     *) You will receive a Roadbook with the description of the drives and all the informations that you will need.

     *) Every participant will receive a nice event badge for the car and a special event plaque.

     *) I am native from SouthTyrol and will guide you through the whole event.  

     *) 24h support by the organizer during the event;


Now  all  the details are avaible!!!

For more informations please contact me !   

You will  receive all the details with an email.





As a special highlight:


Ferrari 488 GTB

You can made a drive with this car!

 More photos ==>  click here <==

Newest article (published in South Africa!)

More articles you can find on clicking HERE!

With the patronage of:

2013 I started to organize this kind of events. This events I organize as a PRIVAT person and they are "non-profit" events.

=> "private", because this kind of events are not linked to a special club or team. Nevertheless everyone, single person or club, is welcome to support the events.

No matters the nationality or in which club they are enrolled - everyone is welcome. During my events it is normal to hear different languages that are spoken and we always have a lot of fun. Every MG-driver is invited to participate!

=> "non-profit", because I organize them just for fun. I ask no money for the whole work and time that is needed to organize the whole event.

=> accepted cars, at the events that I organize, ALL "MG" cars which were built between 1924 and 2005 and are regular licensed for the road-traffic are accepted and welcome!

Have you a MG ZR, MG ZS or a MG ZT? You are surely WELCOME to participate!! 

(also accepted the MG TF Mk II which were built between August 2008 and March 2011).

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