Our next event for 2019:

2019 Cabrio Tour "Großglockner - Eastern Tyrolean Dolomites" (Open and International event)

               from 19th to 23rd May 2019 in Sillian.             

The DEADLINE for this event will be 15.12.2018 Do not miss it!


2019 Cabrio Tour Dolomites - Lake Garda (Open and International event)

               from 15th to 19th May 2019 in Missian (near Bozen) / South Tyrol !!!


The DEADLINE for this event will be 30.11.2018 Do not miss it!


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With the patronage of:

In autumn 1990 I organized the first meeting for "FIAT 850 Spider Bertone" cars. This was the beginning of a long series of events. Nowaddays I organize this kind of events only for the members of the "FIAT 850 Spider Bertone h-c-team".

Simultaneously I organize, always for the "FIAT 850 Spider Bertone h-c-team", the 

=> Cabrio tours / meetings in the Dolomites and on the Lake Garda <=

which are open for everybody and any kind of "Cabrio" / "Spider", Roadster, Targa and Convertible car  - from classic to modern car! In this case the membership in the "Classic Team FIAT 850 Spider Bertone h-c-team & MG" is not required.

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